Friday, April 22, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air

There is something in the air..Aside from the usual everyday mundane of course..there is something else..I find myself enjoying the coolness of the night, the quiet breeze..I inhale the fresh air and I feel my lungs open up, it feels so good.  I stand outside my door lately and just take it all in..I think of how nice it would be to have someone to share it my sisters or my friends that I miss so much in the city..I know they would appreciate this simple pleasure, just as I do.  I think about how we would be sitting out there, just enjoying it, maybe a little reminiscing but mostly just indulging in this peaceful time with nature..LR

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My name is Lucy and I am a serial smoker..I chose the word serial because I think it has something to do with repetitive crimes that you commit.  My crime is smoking..I am ashamed, disgusted and disappointed..Four years ago, I went "cold turkey" after about 15 years of smoking..I was so proud to quit this nasty habit..and I never touched one again..if your a smoker, you know how hard that is and what an accomplishment it would be if you stopped..People with habits, rely on their addiction in times of stress, socially, with a cup of coffee or tea, after eating and even (in my case) to take a "dump".  I managed to go through ever day life without even thinking about smoking..the mere thought was not even a factor..I couldn't stand the smell any longer and I was now looking back, like "what was I thinking?" they stink and they kill you..(have you seen the commercials?!).  With ALL that said..I just had a fckn cigarette..and I enjoyed it..True, I have to get dressed, wait for the baby (which kills me, and fills me with sooooo much guilt) to fall asleep, go outside, smoke a "cancer stick", go back inside..take off my clothes wash up (before my boo gets home and has a fit) spray the entire house (I think thats the guilt because i was outside with the door closed), light candles, brush my teeth, and then sit and torment myself with "what the hell is wrong with me?" ( which btw I think I say that phrase too much, lol).  So why am I smoking again? I refuse to buy a pack, and I can take a toke or two and be done, but the fact is I am enjoying them again..I keep telling myself, stop! this is ridiculous, you don't need them and all of this is not worth it..not to mention the fact that my man tells me the other day " i don't want my baby to see you with a tube coming out of your throat cause your dying" I can I argue with that?...But what is it? Is it that I spend too much time at home and that is like my "taboo" moment...(thats an excuse)..everything I can think of is an excuse..but the fact is I am doing it..and I need to put it out for good...AGAIN! -LR

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where the Fck Is Tarzan?

Where the Fck Is Tarzan? LR

Where the Fck Is Tarzan? by Milan B on

Jane is searching for her man and seems frustrated right,
because the movies we watched and the fairytales told to us ladies when we were younger are probably not gonna happen. He is probably not coming to save you. In the movie Tarzan, he was created to depict an intelligent, emotional and morally aware hero. I'm not male bashing but how many men do you know who have all these characteristics rolled into one. Why is it that Jane could only find this kind of man deep in the jungle. In real life, I find it true that you do have to cut through some shrubs and go on some crazy adventures before finding that "right" man who brings out your animal instincts. One thing is for sure, Tarzan did teach Jane some tricks and how to survive in this jungle so in the end he taught her how to save herself all while becoming a fabulous fashion inspiration..........

Sunday, April 3, 2011




Friday, April 1, 2011

Random "Stupid, Useless, Weird" Thoughts

While "grooming myself" in the shower the other day, I began to wonder, does Beyonce do this shit? or does someone do it for her, or does she keep that shit "jungle"? immediately followed by a sudden thought, "did the guy from dirty dancing die?" whats his name? fck! umm oh! Patrick Swayze..and then I thought...WTF am I thinking about this shit for? what the hell is wrong with me?! But I did finish my shower and immediately asked my boo...umm did Patrick Swayze die? and he was like "yeah he bin died" (of course "bin died" is not proper grammar, but we know what it means)..anyway, i was like "yeah but it wasn't that long ago, your acting like it was that long" and he was like "its been a couple of years" and i was like "noooo" it was after Niyah was born ( which was in sept. of 2009) so we debated and i was like "google it" and he did and he was right, Patrick died like a week or so before our daughter was my point u ask? well thats the purpose of this post...there is NO POINT! except to say, why the hell do these thoughts pop into our heads? is it empty space that needs to be filled with thoughtless thoughts? These thoughts happen all the time, and it just can't be normal...I mean, really, what are your thoughts on these thoughts? WTF!    -LR

Random Thoughts II

Well, about a week ago your sister Jeannie was wearing a Dirty Dancing tee that I loved.  We got into it and then she asks "wait, did Patrick Swayze die?"..."he died a while ago, a couple of years now"  I replied in my "where-you-been" tone.  So, I ask, what are the odds that you and your boo had the same exact conversation?  I mean it isn't just the random topic of Swayze, (which is also odd because he died in September of 2009, so it isn't his anniversary in where maybe you read something about him in the paper, online and you were exposed to this.)  What I find more perplexing is the tone and direction of the conversation.  Jeannie seemed unsure about whether he died and it seemed you were too (although you are bringing it up so subconsciously you actually already knew that. ) I was strong in my deliverance of "yeah a while ago" as was he in his "he been died", we both reacted as if you should know this.  Its almost as if there was a transfer of thoughts and emotions.  Interesting that you would post this on the blog.  What compelled you to do that?  

And to top it off you ask "Why do these thoughts pop into our heads?"

Is it possible that at times we get random thoughts that come into our heads because we are tapping into some sort of higher consciousness?  I'm not saying all thoughts, just some, maybe more than we think.  Could it be that you and your sister share a bond so strong that binds you?  I mean I admit that the topic of Patrick Swayze is pretty random but that only reinforces what I am saying.  I think that it is just to show that these things do occur and are real.  I find it funny that this happens just as we start this blog JKLM Collective.  We are collectively coming together in more ways than we know.  There are so many coincidences that occur to us on a daily basis and it is easy to brush it off and forget , however, some have more meaning than others.   I don't mean to blow this out of proportion because I believe that synchronocity many times occurs just to prove a quick point.  I would say that you and her are able to tap into each other on a higher level.  Case in point:  sometimes "random, weird, useless" thoughts are no so pointless.  
These are my thoughts.   -KM

Kasia, you are not blowing it out of proportion, as a matter of fact, i spoke to my sister about this and she told me about your conversation, and I said EXACTLY what you stated in regards to "so many coincidences that occur to us on a daily basis and it is easy to brush it off and forget", so imagine if we were to voice it or "blog" it more often..especially those thoughts that we may think are strange, embarassing, those are the ones you'd be surprised to find so many people have in common..I decided to write about this because besides searching for ways to broadcast our blog to get more followers, (which by the way I told Jeannie and Mari, we are supposed to write everyday actually), I just felt like whats real and interesting are those everyday things, as you mentioned, the little things and thoughts, thats what peeks interest, thats what makes us relateable, and I thought actually that it would make you laugh.   -LR 

                                             consciousness grid

Collective thoughts float around like clouds passing through a sky called our brain. Indeed I did have that exact "Patrick Swayze" conversation with Kasia in the exact same way you and Dwayne related to each other and the fact that it occurred to you so randomly makes it feel like more then just a coincidence. On top of that a compelling force insisted that you blog about something so random to you among the many other random thoughts you probably have every day and then you happen to question this random thought as well as feel the need to open up a discussion about it. This search for an answer to your question is what makes this situation so compelling to me. A collective situation portrayed on a collective site. Proof that the collective unconscious does exist. I found the following excerpt by Robert Kenny to be interesting, especially what they point out about groups.............................

"A fundamental psi phenomenon is extrasensory perception or influence, perhaps made possible by the apparent ability of consciousness to operate beyond the constraints of space and time. Examples include telepathy and remote viewing. The existence of psi (or tele-prehension, as Ken Wilber calls it) has been convincingly demonstrated in numerous scientific studies carried out by Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin, and others. In typical remote viewing experiments, for example, one individual is sent to a distant, undisclosed location while another individual, who remains in the lab, attempts to “remotely view” and describe that distant location in detail. Across a large number of experiments, remote viewers have been able to describe another's surroundings with a statistically significant degree of accuracy. Intriguingly, pairs who had an emotional bond have obtained the strongest results. These findings suggest that groups whose members build a sense of connection and trust with each other may have an increased capacity to access and understand each other's perspectives, to “see through each other's eyes.”......................................
"Bonded pairs—couples in a relationship—produced effects that were six times stronger than individuals. Like the remote viewing experiments, these results indicate that people with an emotional connection, when acting in concert, are more influential than individuals acting alone.
Perhaps not surprisingly, groups produce far stronger RNG results than either individuals or couples, even when the group members are unaware of the RNGs and therefore cannot intend to influence their output."   JS