Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where the Fck Is Tarzan?

Where the Fck Is Tarzan? LR

Where the Fck Is Tarzan? by Milan B on

Jane is searching for her man and seems frustrated right,
because the movies we watched and the fairytales told to us ladies when we were younger are probably not gonna happen. He is probably not coming to save you. In the movie Tarzan, he was created to depict an intelligent, emotional and morally aware hero. I'm not male bashing but how many men do you know who have all these characteristics rolled into one. Why is it that Jane could only find this kind of man deep in the jungle. In real life, I find it true that you do have to cut through some shrubs and go on some crazy adventures before finding that "right" man who brings out your animal instincts. One thing is for sure, Tarzan did teach Jane some tricks and how to survive in this jungle so in the end he taught her how to save herself all while becoming a fabulous fashion inspiration..........

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