Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Collective Consciousness II

People are so used to routine and the way things should be
They become blind and can't see
The truth that life is a process that's evolutionary
We need to be visionaries, pioneers on the frontier
The message is clear not muddled so what's to fear?
We all individually bring this world together in unity
Hard to do with people fighting against what should be
This would only make the world a better place to be
Heaven on Earth possibly
So busy fighting denying, being right, judging wrong
We prolong our ability to see the beauty
Hear the harmony in our song

Let's collectively combine our minds at this time
Create miracles that baffle even the most spiritual forces we'll take no losses 
Deflect the negative intent repent all the wrongs 
No longer condone the mundane, offensive, the wrong 
Stand strong in the face of adversity 
I feel my soul deep inside me 
Crying out to be set free of the atrocities that I let be 
But now I see things differently and realize steps need to be taken 
To move in the direction that was made for me 
To create harmony amongst my people 
My equals form a bond that will never deceive me 
For God is within thee let this truth set you free 
Eternally and constantly may we experience this divinity

-Kasia Myhal

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